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ONE WOMAN ARMY – Epic Drone Action Film

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Featuring Daisy Fryer as Scarlet: (stunt-woman)
The good people of Riot City Wrestling:
The parkour talents of Team Sweezy:
The fighting skills from F.E.A.T:
And the champions of men known as ‘Task Force Taipan:’ (Cosplay, acting and Milsim) –
Shout out to professional goons: Alex Huynh and
Hjálmar Marteinsson

Voice Talent:
JusZCosplay as Scarlet: (she rules).
Vincent Fallow as the ‘Captain’ and Commander 2:
Steve Zugzug Parkers as Red-Beret and Commander 1:
And James Whitrow as Commander 3

Written and Directed by Nicholas Cleary
AD’d by Andrew Shanks, Daniel Vink and Suriyna Sivashanker and Jake Cooper
Drone Pilot – Andrew Horeton
Drone camera assist: David Gregan
On ground fight filming – Andrew Horeton
Storytelling DOP – Anders Wotzke:
VFX – Nicholas Cleary and Aaron Melville Smith
Grade by Daniel Vink

Makeup by Lucy Neindorf – instagram
Olivia Mcleod –
Luke Manhire –
with Amelia Tremelling and Anita Perna

Catering by Maris J Caune.

Principal photography: DJI inspire.

Production Stills by STEAMKITTENS:

Special thanks to:
Chris Crash Carpenter
Benjamin Beej Hunter
Picture Hire Australia
Mobile Strike
Machine Zone
and Peggy Chen!!

This film was sponsored by Mobile Stike.

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